Metastock Market Data Solutions

Market data feeds best used with MetaStock

For MetaStock to bring you the high performance needed for the best results, an approved MetaStock market data provider is the only way to go. Professional data providers should provide fast download and data distribution to enable accurate analysis. Aside from looking into provider performance, you should also select a provider based on track record and longevity. You want a tried and tested service that’ll be around for the long run.

DataLink MetaStock Market Data

For traders who use end-of-day data, Reuters DataLink is the #1 choice for a reliable and robust MetaStock market data feed. The benefits of this service are numerous:

Reuters DataLink data can be trusted, so you can make trading decisions with confidence—thousands of our customers already do. Our data comes from Thomson Reuters, the world’s best known and most reliable information provider. Successful, profitable trading depends on premium data, and no other end-of-day data is more dependable than Reuters DataLink.

Reuters DataLink data is accurate. This gives you an edge over other individual investors in the market who use low quality data and risk trading on bad signals. Reuters DataLink’s exclusive AutoClean™ technology ensures that the data is accurate. Plus, Reuters DataLink automatically sends stock split information, which adjusts your historical data, resulting in smooth price charts and accurate analytics.

Reuters DataLink data is flexible—it’s compatible with a number of leading software packages. Unlike other lower quality market data providers, Reuters DataLink doesn’t lock you into any particular software.

Reuters DataLink has unbeatable depth and breadth of data. Our data spans the globe, so whatever region you prefer to trade—from North America to Europe to Asia, we have it.

Reuters DataLink doesn’t require downloading software when used with MetaStock. Simply type in the symbol you want to analyze and the MetaStock market data is instantly accessible. This feature, called DataOnDemand, is a favorite of Reuters DataLink customers because it makes their trading quicker and easier.

Reuters DataLink offers free, unlimited technical support. Our experienced and highly trained Support team knows Reuters DataLink inside and out, so they can solve your problems quickly and efficiently.

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QuoteCenter MetaStock Market Data

Introducing the most powerful real-time platform ever released to the individual trader—QuoteCenter.

QuoteCenter is a real-time software and data feed from Equis International that brings professional level real-time market information to individual investors and active traders. This program delivers detailed market data right to your desktop, gives you insight into the financial markets, and provides the tools and analytics to help you execute with confidence and make decisions that make you money.

Why is this program to good? Because it’s powered by Thomson Reuters—the global information company that provides indispensable information tailored for professionals in the financial markets. Thomson Reuters information & products are tested, trusted, and drive decision making across the globe.

We highly recommend pairing QuoteCenter with MetaStock Professional to increase your trading confidence. With QuoteCenter’s real-time data & organizational tools, and MetaStock Professional’s high-tier analytics, you have an incredibly powerful set of trading tools that will help you make more money trading the markets.

QuoteCenter can only be used by non-professional, individual investors as defined by the New York Stock Exchange.

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